Dusty Wallace


Central Ohio Media Professional  - Owner/Artist at WallaceCreative.net


Thank you so much for looking over some of my worship leading history and related materials.

Given the nature of artistic ministry I felt that an interactive resume/cover letter of sorts would be beneficial to your process. Below, you will find resources that tell you a little more about me than a piece of paper can.

- Copies of my professional certificates and licenses

- Video samples of my worship leading and choral conducting

- Audio of some of my sermons

- Links to my on-air and podcast work

- Links to and samples of my web and social media design and management projects

- Links to some of my professional music achievements

- Links to some of my published articles

Before you dive-in to all of this material, I feel it is important for me to share with you the simple funnel that frames-in my calling in life and vocational ministry... Love Like Jesus, Share Beauty. The entire canon of scripture points to Jesus and His greatest commandment. We are to love our Triune God, and we are to love others as Christ loves them. Thus, my professional career has lead me down a path where I find that I love people best as an artist, a teacher, a worship leader... all through which I have the unique opportunity to share beauty through the arts, spoken word, and relationships.

In 2016, I stepped away from full-time vocational ministry and took on a Media Technology role at Denison University in Granville, Ohio.

As you browse this material, please feel free to click around my website to get a more in-depth view of who I am and what I do. 

With Much Love & Many Blessings,


Resources Below:

Candidate Video (January 2016):

When I was stepping out of my position at Quest: a Vineyard Church in Westerville, some of the people and organizations that were working with me suggested I make a candidate video to share a bit of my vision, story, and musical samplings. It also introduces to you in my wife Mel, and daughter Cadence. (Cadence is now 2 and a half). Because of all the live/unedited music, etc. it is best to watch this video on a computer or with headphones. All of the audio you hear is me singing and playing either alone or with a band. The music at the very beginning and very end is one of my original songs entitled, Glory. Feel free to stream or download Glory using the player below the candidate video.

School Choral Conducting Sampler:

I spent about 5 total years working in music, theatrical, and worship arts at Central College Christian Academy. Since 2015, I have taken supplemental positions with New Albany High School as their Athletic Bands Adviser, but sadly... I have no video for it!

Below is a "sampler" video highlighting some of my work with the CCCA students circa 2012-2014.

Long Form Worship Demo

Much like my Candidate video, the video below shows samples of my worship leading, but in longer form. These samples were recorded during my time at Quest: a Vineyard Church in Westerville from 2012-16. 

One of the things I kind of "specialize" in is incorporating more traditional instruments into modern worship, as well as adapting traditional music for use in modern worship.  In this video you'll hear hymns and modern worship favorites played on everything from piano to guitar, horns to strings, and more! On my teams, you will notice that I blend modern instruments (synths, modeled guitars, etc.) with traditional instruments to allow the opportunity for even more people to join in leading worship on the team.

Please forgive the low video quality and sometimes spotty audio. Our recording infrastructure was not that great, but the team was wonderful! Again, the audio is best heard using headphones and/or a computer. The music comes through better than the spoken word... and there are no edits, overdubs or fixes!

Published Articles:

One of the things my latest career move has provided is the opportunity to do some more writing. I have written for my own blog and for publications of my former employers, etc. but over the last few months, I've been able to contribute to both Missio Alliance and Worship Team Coach. You can check out those articles and my profiles for them by clicking the links below.

Dusty on Missio Alliance

Dusty on Worship Team Coach

Breedlove Guitars Endorsement:

In 2014 I applied for, and was accepted for, an endorsed artist status with Breedlove Guitars. I've played a pro-series Breedlove dreadnaught since 2009, and it has been my buddy in the studio and on stage ever since. Click HERE to check out my profile on their website... which I'm sure needs updated ;)

The Plugged In Church Podcast:

One of my favorite projects for the last few years has been being a cohost on The Plugged In Church podcast with my friend and ministry brother, Eric Frisch. We have listeners all over the globe that tune in to catch our tips, tricks, resources, and interviews geared at equipping churches in the worship and production arts. Check out the show by clicking HERE and visiting our website!

Web & Social Media Management & Design:

When you are active in artistic ministry, everything from audio production to video editing to web and social media management and design gets thrown into your lap. Check out some of the websites I've built and managed (including this one), as well as my social media feeds to see some of my work in this arena. In short, if I didn't take the picture or make the graphic you look at... I edited it in some way. That includes all of the pictures, videos, etc. on this site!

www.DustyWallace.org (this site)


www.WallaceCreative.net (my LLC's website)

www.JohnstownPresbyterian.com (my church's new site... still in progress)



Much like writing articles for ministry publications, preaching has always been a "muse" of sorts for me. It has never been my primary role, but when I have the opportunity to do it... I love it. It's a skill that nobody (in my opinion) perfects, and that's one of my favorite things about it. Much like doing the podcast, or leading worship, or being an artist in any right... you develop over time. I love the study that goes along with it. I love the direct communication you have with those gathered. Although my samples here are not my full back-log, I think they can give you an idea of my delivery.

Click HERE to check out my messages! Please note that some of the time-stamps are incorrect... I've never done a 76 minute sermon!

Below, you can find my latest message from January 14, 2018 at Johnstown Presbyterian Church.

Other Professional Endeavors:

God has really provided some unique opportunities for me in my professional career. You can find most of them by clicking around on this website, and by visiting WallaceCreative.net... but below is one of the most unique.

In March of 2016, I had the opportunity to be a studio musician for a project called The Evolution of Recording headed up by my friend Eric Van Wagner, an audio engineering professor at Otterbein and GrooveU. Eric is in the process of writing a text book (under the project title), that is both history and pedagogy for students studying audio production. One of the features is recording original music at world-famous studios so students who buy the book can mix tracks from these famous places. Joshua Howey of Feikert Creative made the video below as a trailer of sorts for the session I was on. I played piano and B3 organ on the session, recorded at historic RCA Studio A in Nashville.

Certificates & Licenses:


Thank you so much for taking the time to look through this "living resume" of sorts. I hope it was enjoyable and informative. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have.

With Much Love & Many Blessings,